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Darcy Hudson

Darcy Hudson (He/Him/His) is a local swim instructor who has spent his career in aquatic, early childhood and adaptive education, teaching swimmers of all ages, from all walks of life. We selected Darcy for his emphasis on swim foundational skills that align with Michaela's original curriculum: muscle relaxation, nose bubbles and stroke efficiency for sound technique! He has a wealth of experience from The Swim Pro, including teaching their trauma-informed curriculum, and from his prior history as a trainer of swim instructors at Waterworks. We sought out the applicant most dedicated full time to the aquatics field, investing year-round in their aquatic professional development and specifically, in our beloved CHSRC swim community. Darcy has additional training in competition-level technique from the ASCA and plans to continue pursuing his education in the field of aquatics, both in and outside of I Am Me Mentors. Darcy's private lessons have received overwhelming satisfaction from members thus far, find details in our member testimonials!

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