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Alexis Gray

Alexis Gray (she/her) is a dedicated math tutor who has tutored a wide variety of students for the past three years, including middle schoolers, high schoolers, and college students. She works with a variety of neurodiverse students, including those on the autism spectrum, those with ADD/ADHD, and those with schizophrenia. She is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in mathematics at MSU Denver to dedicate herself full-time to math tutoring. She can provide coursework support, a study plan for the student, or bite-sized lessons ranging from arithmetic to Calculus 3. Additionally, she can help the student create personalized reference materials. As a queer, trans, disabled person, Alexis has faced challenges with educational and governmental systems. She now shares her strategies with her students daily on succeeding academically while coming to terms with their (often diminished) identities. Students deserve to have educators meet them how they are, to respect their identity, and support them in the ways they need support. In seeking to provide these things, Alexis strives to empower every student to embrace their true selves and reach their full potential. 


Since 2020, Alexis has had the opportunity to tutor a neurodivergent student who faces challenges common to many students: difficulty keeping attention on work, recalling material and applying it, and losing patience with oneself. This experience was both challenging and immensely rewarding, allowing her to grow personally and professionally. Building trust was paramount, as the student needed a safe and supportive learning environment, not having found it in traditional academic systems. Similarly, it was critical to communicate with the student's team to share insights, seek guidance, and brainstorm strategies. This collaborative approach fostered a supportive environment where Alexis could address the student's specific needs. Simultaneously, Alexis developed skills in objective-based lesson planning, giving her the ability to design lessons that were not only engaging but also aligned with the student's specific learning goals. Recently, she helped them apply for college credit via an alternative pathway. 

Alexis Gray
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