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College Friends



(Grades K - 5)

Under Constrtuction

College-Readiness & Counseling (Grades 6-12)

We are diversity education facilitators by training and for students who are just beginning their self-reflection in these areas, we offer an array of coaching tools in discovering authentic self-interest in the social issues being asked about, as they navigate these increasingly challenging essay topics.


& Post-Secondary

Our business cooperative specializes in career counseling and passion development which ensures that clients discover and refine what matters most to them, empowering them to build successful and fulfilling careers across a plethora of fields.

Personalized Swim Program with Unmatched Quality of Instruction

I Am Me Mentor’s non-profit and organizational-focused services bring aligned curriculum development, facilitation, and leadership coaching to bring the educational visions and values of the client to life.

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