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I Am Me Mentors Swim Instruction is a program of I Am Me Mentors Cooperative, a full-service academics, college-readiness, mentoring & extracurricular business.


We are a passionate team of full-time professional educators that have made groundbreaking improvements to the way swimming is taught that our clients have not been able to find anywhere else in Silicon Valley. Inspired by Acuarela Aquasomatica in Oaxaca, Mexico, and our cooperative's broader mission in mentorship, we bring to Silicon Valley families a belief that swim instruction can teach beyond the technical swimming skills we specialize in, as we develop leadership and social/emotional skills through our unique group clinic model that in turn produce swift breakthrough swimming results. You can learn more about our 4 Pillars of Breakthrough Progress in the video linked here or in the excerpt below! 


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Kids Swimming

Members or non-members, dive in with us year round! Our program caters to beginners, students with adaptive needs and competitive swimmers alike: 

  • Learn-to-swim: Whether you're dipping your toes in the water for the first time or looking to refine your technique, our learn-to-swim classes are designed to accommodate every skill level.

  • Conditioning: Take your swimming to the next level with our conditioning classes. These sessions focus on building endurance, strength, and overall fitness in the water, ensuring you're not just a swimmer, but a well-rounded athlete.

  • Mermaiding and Finswimming: Immerse yourself in our unique Mermaiding and Finswimming courses. Discover the thrill of using fins for speed and grace as you explore the depths in a mermaid or merman tail, all while building confidence and having a splash of fun.

  • Injury Prevention: We prioritize your safety by offering injury prevention classes, equipping you with the knowledge and techniques to minimize the risk of injuries during your aquatic endeavors.

  • Swim Team & Snorkel/Scuba Prep: For those with competitive aspirations, our swim team program provides the training and support you need to excel. Additionally, if you're interested in scuba diving, our snorkel/scuba prep classes will prepare you for underwater adventures beyond the pool.

  • Adaptive Education: We believe swimming is for everyone. Our adaptive education program caters to individuals with diverse needs, ensuring that everyone has access to the joys and benefits of swimming.


Our 4 Pillars of Breakthrough Progress: Video Version


  1. Quality of instruction has become our niche over the last decade! All our instructors have top of the market qualifications and experience, not only in the sport of swimming, but in swim instruction and the field of education. When you consider your swim school options, we invite you to consider the "total cost to learn", as our families report progressing more in 3 months with our high quality instructors than they did in 3 years at neighboring swim schools! 

  1. Our unique group clinic model really flips on its head the reputation of group lessons by maintaining student engagement through a personally tailored central lesson objective each class, while differentiating drills to each student. The energy of group clinics is incomparable to private lessons and has skyrocketed progress well beyond private lessons, due to healthy risk taking and collective goal-setting and close peer observations and feedback! We can now guarantee that students participating in our group clinic program experience at least one "breakthrough" moment of exponential growth during their swim career with us, a guarantee we can't necessarily make about private lessons. We've even had parents move their kids from lower to higher enrollment classes to experience our high energy and high success group clinic model! 

  2. Daily lesson objectives achieved is a guarantee, as we are educators who undertake ongoing teaching related professional development. Our students walk away with at least that primary lesson objective achieved, and likely the bonus of challenge objectives as well! Our unique 40-minute lesson duration gives ample time for students to ask questions and practice, as well as observe the objective in instructor and peer demonstrations. Numerous families have shared how much their swimmers progress with us in just one lesson, as compared to non-objective-based shorter group lessons at neighboring swim schools. Let us put stagnation in the past for you and witness your progress week by week!

  3. Frequent opportunities for breakthrough progress is our final secret! A breakthrough is a sudden jump in performance beyond expectation, for example skipping entire levels in one lesson. It is common elsewhere in our field for instructors to follow a pre-set curriculum given by the swim company that caps student progress at linear progression. However, since our instructors write each lesson for our particular students' needs that week, they create frequent strategic openings for exponential progress to occur. When we see a student suddenly get comfortable on their back float, we invite them to back kicks and then even introduce backstroke arms and accompany them up to 25 yards! The group clinic model cultivates the energy and culture of goal setting needed for these sudden breakthroughs to occur!  We actually guarantee that if a student participates in our group clinic program they will have at least one breakthrough moment and these moments are unforgettable for a lifetime!

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