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Rowen Thomas

PhD in Higher Education & Student Affairs Leadership, 10 years of experience in higher education & 12 in counseling grades 8-12. They serve as a college essay second reader to Michaela and complement her best–fit college research with unique knowledge in diverse features, community life, university resources, database use, 2-4 year, R1 research, D1 athletics, colleges for A AND B/C students, TX, CO, nationwide state schools and more! Rowen offers specialized time management software expertise to our students of all ages, finding the perfect tool(s) for them! They expand our SAT/ACT/AP prep & planning specializations widely to include all Humanities/Bio/APUSH/Stats and more! For our college-readiness & counseling students with burning questions in their courses Rowen provides academic tutoring in humanities, literacy, statistics, and research.

Rowen Thomas


  • Received numerous competitive grants and awards for their research and national conference proposals 

  • Professional Curriculum Design/Development & Facilitation Experience in multiple university settings (public, private, midsize, small

  • MA in College Student Development with focuses in Counseling Skills for Diverse Populations, LGBTQ studies, and Title IX Policy & Administration

  • Current PhD Student (coursework completed, dissertation ongoing) in Higher Education and Student Affairs Leadership, Applied Statistics and Research Methods


  • 9 years of tutoring experience (raised GPA's and deepened understanding, writing, interpersonal, and critical thinking skills for over 300 students 6th grade through adult (collegiate, graduate, private, and professional)

  • Humanities, Writing, & Social Sciences specialist in collegiate and professional standardized testing (SAT, ACT, GRE, MCAT, GMAT, LSAT, and more) 

  • Holistic Graduate Studies Application Specialist via interdisciplinary scholar-practitioner approach​

Rowen Thomas
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