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I Am Me Mentor’s non-profit and organizational-focused services bring aligned curriculum development, facilitation, and leadership coaching to bring the educational visions and values of the client to life. Social justice and place-based lens pervade our curriculum development, facilitation, research, and implementation. We work closely with our non-profit and organizational clients to co-create top-notch, personally-tailored curricula that will catalyze their constituents to put learning into practice. Our business cooperative specializes in career counseling and passion development which ensures that both our own base of students and those engaging in our original curriculum through organizations nationwide discover and refine what matters most to them, building successful and fulfilling careers across a plethora of fields. Our work is dynamic and grounded in a robust liberatory justice framework. As a worker-owned cooperative of educational consultants with a depth and breadth of experience in curriculum design across disciplines, we develop the content as well as structure, format, and design materials to meet our client’s diverse publishing needs.

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